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What an amazing and interesting bunch of people we are at RGCF. We have come together from all backgrounds, churched and unchurched, seeking to share and show the love of God to every one we have the privilege of meeting.

Our gatherings are informal and family friendly, and we welcome all who are looking for the real meaning of life..............

We believe in being an active part of the community of Rockwell Green & Wellington, and many of our members are involved in projects aiming to improve the conditions of our neighbours in the area.

 The church has an international vision through our membership of Barnabas Fellowship of Churches, with particular links with Southern Africa.  Opportunities regularly arise for visits to our Barnabas family in Africa.

 Our objectives as a church are summed up in our mission statement ; 'Serving Christ, serving church, serving Community'. The fellowship works closely with the other churches in the town, and the leaders meet together on a regular basis to seek God and support one another.'

Our leadership is based on the principle of corporate Eldership (currently 3 Elders), supported by others, including Elders wives, to make up a Core / Vision Team.  A wider leadership Team is in place and consists of those who head-up the various ministries / outreaches in the church.  We have one Deacon who forms the link between the practical serving and the leadership.  The 'Pastor' role is taken by one of the Elders, who has the overall pastoral responsibility, plus making community and wider church connections.

 As a church we actively support a number of Christian initiatives both locally and nationally, they are described and linked below :-

barnabaslogo1Barnabas Fellowship of Churches is a family network of churches, based in Reading UK, seeking to grow and strengthen churches across the world, and provide support and resource through apostolic oversight and administration.  There are over 50 congregations across 12 countries.  RGCF are particularly supporting a Barnabas project in Israel, providing a school for Bedouin children in the South of the country.



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 Street Pastors is a charity that provides a calming and helping presence on the streets of towns and  cities across the UK, during the night-time economy, in partnership with Police and local Councils. 

Contact Wellington SP's at


 besom_logo Besom
 a charity providing practical help, support, essential supplies to vulnerable families and individuals on the social register. 

CFI-logoChristian Friends of Israel  is a ministry providing understanding and education of the Jewish / Hebrew roots of the Christian Faith.  It provides prayer and practical support to the Jewish people both in the land of Israel and across the world.

Rockwell Christian Fellowship BY Youth Barnabas Youth:

We also have links with:
Humanitarian aid organisations: 

'Joseph Storehouse';

'Ebeneezer'; and


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