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The fellowship was formed by a small group of people, when the Baptist Union closed Rockwell Green Baptist Chapel in 1983.

 From first meeting in a member's house  the group grew in number and then met in the village hall.  After a number of years the opportunity arose to return to the Baptist Chapel site, which was purchased by the Trustees of the church in 1996.

 The church and the site have been developing from 1996 to the present day, resulting in a significant core of wonderfully committed people , plus a building now fully equipped to serve both the church and the community.

 The fellowship has had a great history of men and women who love God's word, which has laid a strong foundation for the present and the future of the church.

'Another foundational aspect is our focus on Kingdom building, thus our premises are open to use by other churches & charities in the area, and we also share baptism facilities with Living Light Church

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